The Best Foot Forward Dance Studio has been an important part of the lives of my two daughters, age 8 and 11, my wife and myself for four delightful years. The studio is flexible enough to deal with my "driven-to succeed" older daughter and my capricious younger daughter. I give full credit to the teaching at BFF for the meteoric progress my daughter made in five different dance genres in three years. Although the teachers all have their eyes on the big, first place trophy, they make practice fun, not torture. Ms. Amy is also sympathetic to the other important family events besides dance and has always tried to accommodate us.

Ms. Amy runs a very tight ship. Everything is well organized with meetings, emails, text messages and face-to-face answers to all our questions and concerns.

The competition team is a definite quantum leap in commitment of time and money.... but well spent. The intense experience not only made my daughter a great dancer, but also a responsible, mature young woman. The teachers, students and parents work together with a wonderful team spirit.

Of course, my favorite part of BFF is the Daddy - Daughter dance. I have renewed appreciation for the amateur dancers on "Dancing with the Stars!" The dances are creative, fun and the material for great shared memories.

What I love most about BFF is that, once your child enrolls there, you're part of a caring, loving family. I can't imagine a better studio to teach my girls the art of dance.

- Yale M. Kadesky, M.D.

My two girls have been dancing at Best Foot Forward for the last year and they have come so far! They look forward to their classes and love their teacher. I feel as if their experience in dance has made them more confident, given them better posture and has helped their coordination which makes them better in other sports and activities. At BFF they have made great friends and have found a love for dance. The studio is very organized and does a great job of keeping parents well informed. I feel as if even my youngest has really learned a lot while having lots of fun. We are so excited for another great year at BFF!

Yvonne Brown

When our daughter started at Best Foot Forward Dance Studio last year, everyone was friendly and welcoming to her.

Amy has such a gift for choreography and concept. The dances she choreographs are so wonderfully unique, memorable, creative and unconventional.

We have been to 4 other dance studios and BFF is the only one that has someone at a front desk who can answer questions and answer the phone. Great customer service!

Kathy and Bill Puett